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In our new series, The Style Insiders, we interview mothers about their style secrets on women’s and children’s fashion and how to juggle motherhood with successful careers.

This week, we caught up with Sarah Tomczak Executive Editor at Red Magazine 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am the Executive Editor of Red magazine and I am mother to two girls, Coco & Sylvie – who I am mad about!

What’s a typical day for you?

It involves a lot of juggling! Luckily my amazing husband Jaron, who is a freelance photographer, does the lion’s share of our childcare. I try to take Coco to school a couple of times a week but it depends on my work schedule. The Red offices are in Soho, so I spend my hour long commute catching up on admin or listening to podcasts (love Longform, Here’s The Thing and The High Low). Most of my day is a blur of meetings, editing copy and occasionally meeting PRs/going to press days – I love it all and feel very privileged to do something I adore. I try to get out for a mooch at lunchtime (but it rarely happens)– thought I am more disciplined about dashing home at 6pm to read the girls’ stories and tuck them into bed.

How do you juggle motherhood with a successful career at Red magazine?

I have an amazing partner in my husband Jaron. He’s the one at the school gate and on the PTA and hanging out the washing every day. He’s brilliant at it but I often feel that I am the luckier one because I get the joy of having kids AND having a career whereas his work often has to come second. It diminishes the feeling of maternal guilt I have because I know our girls are being looked after by someone who loves them as much as I do, but instinctively I still feel bad that I am not around more – you can say you won’t feel guilty but I think it’s innate. I try to fight it by taking them to school/being home for bedtime and I take great pleasure in making Coco’s packed lunch every evening – I cut her sandwiches into heartshapes, draw pictures on her banana and leave her little love notes, so she knows I’m thinking of her even though I’m not there.

What three fashion essentials should every mother have in her wardrobe?

  1. 1. A cashmere jumper – easy to throw on, luxurious but super comfy
  1. 2. A good parka – I think it’s worth investing in something nice, as I live in mine all winter, from park visits to walks in the woods.



  1. 3. Stylish trainers or boots – I’ve got the Commes de Garcons/Converse collaboration and some leopard print Isabel Marant Etoile boots which I alternate between. When I’m with the kids at the weekend I want to be able to run around and be relaxed but both of these elevate any casual outfit.

What is your approach to dressing your children? Do you let your daughters choose or do you decide what they will be wearing?

I’m a bit of a control freak! I’ve always chosen what Coco & Sylvie wear and having two girls, I do like it when their clothes coordinate too (but not necessarily match). Luckily they’re at an age when they still like dressing similarly but I don’t know how long it will last! I have quite traditional taste – I love Liberty print smock dress, chunky knit cardigans, little blouses, thick tights and boots. But I also love stripes and anything a bit sparkly or with tassels/pom-poms – which of course the girls love too. I don’t know how much longer I can influence Coco’s style as she’s five now and is developing her own taste, but  – and this might be my very blinkered rose-tinted view – she weirdly has this chic, effortless way about her, so she manages to make most things look good (even when they don’t always match!)

What are your three favourite pieces from the Outside the Lines Autumn Winter 17 collection?

  1. The Abi dress in pink is gorgeous – just the right shade of pink and such lovely detailing, like the lace hem and metallic trim around the neck.
  1. The Coco top ticks all the boxes for me – stripes and metallic! I had tucked it away for my own Coco for Christmas.
  1. Finally, the navy Tess coat is also fabulous and would make any outfit even cooler.

One of my all time favourite blouses was from your spring summer collection. We wore that so much in the summer!

Thanks for chatting with Outside the lines, Sarah.

Follow Sarah on instagram @stadredmag

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